Experienced & Innovative

Remar Automotive has begun its journey in 2002 at the city of İzmir. We have been operating in automotive industry since 2003. In the last quarter of 2011, we have started supplying both domestic and foreign spare parts, import and abroad sales & marketing activities.

Company Profile

Remar Automotive delivers a fast service to its clients with an ever increasing speed thanks to our dynamic, innovative and experienced team of employees. We are taking every step to be one of the most preferred companies and make our mark in the industry.

Remar offers a wide range of products with high quality and fast service in the industry such as mechanical and bodywork spare parts that are sub-industry or equivalent to originals.


  • Our background in spare parts,
  • Expertise at Bodywork as well as Mechanics
  • Swiftness in follow-ups,
  • User-friendly systems,
  • Experts in their areas,
  • Fast distribution network

Solution targeted approach


Remar Automotive and Ermat Group strive to provide the right part the industry needs, at the right time and place with utmost service quality, based on our 35 years of experience and credibility.

We are increasing our product range in the industry at a fast pace but with steady steps. In line with our goal to be the supplier of every brand and model, we are furthering both our investments and our team of employees every single day.

Company Values

Remar Automotive has made it its mission to combine product variety, fast delivery and affordable prices into one and be the main choice of the customers and galvanize its place in the market. Our vision is to be an industry leader who satisfies both their clients and employee.